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Original Blunt Bat + Base


This combo includes one Original Blunt Bat plus a 40x40x110 mm Base made from beech wood.

Choose to have our Original Blunt Bat shipped with this killer fitted Blunt Bat Base to make filling your cones ridiculously easy. Just fill, tamp and go for a cone that can really up your game.

About Blunt Bat

As a hard working Alberta boy from Medicine Hat, Andrew understands the value of a dollar earned. That's where Blunt Bat was born. A desire to save money. He understands we're all on the go and saving some time on the mundane tasks lets us spend more time doing the things we love, like enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings of our province. Whether it's hiking in the Rockies, camping at the lake, or on the slopes; having the perfect pre-rolled cone will definitely enhance the experience.

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