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Tired of striking out with blunt rollers that are complicated, need charging, are too big to lug around or too expensive to buy? DIY rolling is a home run guaranteed with the revolutionary and insanely simple Blunt Bat® roller.

It’s as simple as …

Blunt Bat Product Demonstration

With no parts to gum up, break or replace, this simple cone rolling device is the premium blunt roller that lets you create consistently beautiful bats in under 15 seconds. Bring your batting average up. Watch our video to see how easy it is.

Blunt Bat Step-by-Step

Step One

Roll and insert 1/2 a filter paper in narrow end of Bat.

Step Two

Wrap your favourite blunt wrap or rolling paper around Bat.

Step Three

Moisten paper glue and allow at least 10 seconds to dry.


Gently squeeze filter and remove your perfect pre-formed cone!

Blunt Bat + Base Step-by-Step

Step One

Drop cone into Base.

Step Two

Pour product into Base.

Step Three

Tamp product using Bat.


Use Bat to pop out cone from the bottom of the base, and enjoy!

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Choose Your Blunt Bat Device for Perfect DIY Rolling Every Time

Smokin’ fast. Choose only the Blunt Bat or buy the Blunt Bat + Base. Either way, you get perfectly formed cones in no time flat.

“Before Blunt Bat I was buying cones by the carton!”

-Daniel, Lethbridge, AB

“This is so quick and easy. I love being able to make flavored cones!”

-Ben, Lethbridge, AB

“I’ll never run out of cones again.
Thanks Blunt Bat!”

-Kristen, Lethbridge, AB

About Blunt Bat

As a hard working Alberta boy from Medicine Hat, Andrew understands the value of a dollar earned. That’s where Blunt Bat was born. A desire to save money. He understands we’re all on the go and saving some time on the mundane tasks lets us spend more time doing the things we love, like enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings of our province. Whether it’s hiking in the Rockies, camping at the lake, or on the slopes; having the perfect pre-rolled cone will definitely enhance the experience.

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